Nia Ballerina Music Boxes are the perfect gift!

Nia Ballerina would like to thank @lovealw for the following article recently featured on their Instagram Page.  The image of their beautiful daughters pictured with Nia Ballerina Music Boxes are absolutely amazing!  I would definitely agree that every little girl deserves to see themselves when they open a music box, and feel proud that myself and daughter were able to finally create music boxes with black ballerinas.

The following has been reposted from @lovealw

....Sooooo who remembers playing with the little ballerina musical jewelry boxes when they were little??? I remember having one as a child and I would love to wind it up and play with my jewelry while the song played! I played the heck out of it and eventually broke it 😭 but it definitely was one of my favourite toys as a child.


The girls have built up quite the jewelry collection and it was getting a bit out of control. I used to store them in a little plastic box but then I came across these adorable #niaballerina musical jewelry boxes from @kidsswagco! I knew these would be perfect for my little dancing girls! Although I wish I was able to pass down my music box to the girls, I actually love that the little ballerinas look like them! Now the girls have their own music boxes to play with their jewelry. Oh the memories!

Kids Swag are an independent retailer based in Canada, and stock Nia Ballerina products as well as a full range of everyday diverse products for both girls and boys.  Visit their online store; 


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