My Purpose, My Why!

During a mentoring session, I was asked to think and reflect on My Purpose and My Why for starting Nia Ballerina. I began by explaining why the music boxes mean so much to me, and why they are the heart of the Brand.

As any mother, I wanted to ensure my daughter saw herself represented in the thing she loved, which was ballet. After searching for several years not being able to find a music box that resembled my daughter, I made the crazy decision to mass produce music boxes just so my daughter had one!

I still remember the astounded look on my daughter's face when the music box arrived, and the words she uttered, "it looks like me!"

Since that time, I have been sent hundreds of videos, posts and messages from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, fathers and even husbands sharing similar stories about how they wanted the little girl in their life or wife to see themselves represented as a ballerina, and thanking me for creating Nia Ballerina.

So on reflection, My Purpose and My Why is to be the best mother I can, which is making sure amongst other things that my daughter sees herself represented in this world to give her the confidence to achieve her full potential!

Sharon McBean, Founder at Nia Ballerina

Nia Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box ‑ Reflection

Music Boxes are that timeless toy that belongs in every little girl's bedroom. I remember as a child my own mother winding the key and lifting the lid, and being put to sleep by the melody. Of course, I wasnt lucky enough to have one back then that looked like me. We have created two amazing designs featuring Nia Ballerina, a character we wanted young girls from diverse backgrounds to relate to.

Our music boxes are handmade using wood composition, which is durable to last and making our boxes the perfect gift item for any occasion!

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