Little Miss Elite Academic Pageant

The Little Miss Elite Academic Pageant is an event aimed at building self-esteem, recognising inner beauty, and congratulating young girls for their academic achievements.  Nia Ballerina was pleased to be one of the organisations to support this year's event, which was held on 29th April 2018.

In preparation for the pageant, twenty three young ladies ages 7-12 will work with highly successful collegiate mentors from the organisation.  Each week mentors who are also known as "pageant moms" will work with the participants to implement a new teaching objective. The lessons are designed to prepare them for not only the pageant showcase but also for the real world once the program has ended. These lessons include a wide array of topics such as inner beauty, poise, and healthy living.

During the showcase, participants are not allowed to wear any makeup or get judged on outer beauty. Instead, they are scored on creativity, growth, and community involvement. In addition to the pageant showcase and mentoring sessions, the program also consists of fun activities such as movie nights, slumber parties, luncheons and much more.


5 Quick Facts about Little Miss Elite Academic Pageant

(1) elite covers all expenses including pageant dresses making the academic pageant free for all contestants.


elite gives out over $5,000 worth of prizes each year which


(3) includes academic scholarships


(4) participants are encouraged to showcase their true passion no matter how unrealistic or unattainable it may seem. this is where things get really creative :)


(5) in efforts to enforce our rule that everyone is a winner, each participant is crowned during our awards ceremony and receives a certificate of participation.


The Little Miss Elite Academic Pageant is truly a special event.  If you would like to find out more about the organisation or would like to get involved visit their website at

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