Has the Age of the Black Ballerina finally arrived?

Has the Age of the Black Ballerina finally arrived?..... I was so pleased to see not one but two television commercials this Christmas featuring a Black Ballerina.

Amazon's highly anticipated "The Show Must Go On", followed the story of a young teenage girl played by French ballet dancer - Taïs Vinolo, whose dreams of dancing in a lead role was ruined by the coronavirus pandemic.

French Ballet Dancer - Taïs Vinolo. Amazon - "The Show Must Go On".

The short commercial sees the dancer practicing at every given opportunity by zoom and in her living room, but as government restrictions tighten, the show gets cancelled. Seeing his older sister’s disappointment, the dancer’s younger brother makes a home-made poster, reading “The Show Must Go On – outside, Sunday 7pm”, before rallying their neighbours together to give the dancer the stage and audience to perform solo on the street outside her home with the equipment enabling him to do this purchased from Amazon,

The Show Must Go On

Amazon Television Commercial - "The Show Must Go On".

Paypal also brought us an emotional television commercial featuring a young Black Ballerina - "Make It One to Remember".

After watching his young daughter practicing ballet in her bedroom, this father is inspired and wants to surprise his daughter in the grandest way. He goes online and buys the necessary sound equipment and costume with PayPal, and begins to practices ballet moves of his own getting odd looks from other family members.

Paypal - "Make It One to Remember" Television Commercial.

When the time comes, the family helps him to set the outdoor stage. The mother is then seen taking their daughter outside blindfolded to see a perfect scene for father and daughter to perform their own version of "The Nutcracker".

 Paypal - "Make It One to Remember" Television Commercial.

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